How to keep track of what you are eating

18 Febraury 2010

Have you ever kept track of what you eat in a food diary and spent time writing down every morcel of food consume, every drink that you have drunk?

At the start of January I was challenged to one whole chocolate, crisp and refined sugar free month.  I laughed in the face of the challenger and walked away terrified.  Coffee and chocolate had become a regular part of my daily diet, they improved my er my er mood?

Said challenger required proof of my new purer than pure diet so I agreed to write a food diary for one calender month.  I had been meaning to do this for ages, keep track of what I eat, but for one reason or any it hadn’t been happening.  

As I sat down with my piece of A4 paper, pen and ruler I had to work out how many columns and rows were required.  Well 7 days in a week thats the columns sorted.  Rows required, well, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothie/juice, other drinks, excercise…. phew that should be enough. 

Some people recommend including moods/emotions as well for a clearer understanding of your food choice but that for me would easily require another few sheets of A4 pages and I really want to save the trees!!  Well I am going to be honnest with you and say that day 1 I could not quite believe how much I consumed.  It is a wonder how I fit my full time job in with all the eating I do in a day!  The food diary was really interesting to do and including an emotional box would have given me more useful information. 

I met the challenge and stayed off refined sugar (wahoo, go me!).  It helped that there were no festivals (and subsequent cake tasting) or cupcake challenges in January but I have noticed myself slip back to some bad habits in February, maybe I need to be challenged again!

If you are interested in keeping a food diary or want to know more information send me an email at

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  • Interesting…I also started keeping a food diary from the beginning of the year, to find out what was triggering my IBS and also to try and lose a few pounds, and then quickly became a record of what I was eating beginning my vegan journey, mostly of the lunches and suppers I was making that didn’t really have a recipe so I could enjoy them again. It’s now become a means for me to see if I’m getting enough calcium. I’ve kept food diaries before, one the last time I tried going vegan and another time to see if anything I was eating was making my dysmenorrhea worse.
    I’m also a big chocolate muncher (3-4 times a week) and I’m trying to do a refined sugar free spate as well now. Well done on meeting the challenge! 🙂

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