Our day out …

24 February2010

Once in awhile I enjoy a day out in London especailly if some sort of lunch time feast is being offered.  

Last Saturday started in a very heathily manner with a gorgeous apple, carrot and ginger juice plus a sugar free blueberry pancake.  Well that feast meant my day started very well indeed.  After this breakie I went into Greenwich for 2 hours of 5 rhythmns dancing which burnt off any breakfast calories.  5 rhythmns is a moving meditiation which is always a great way to chill out after a busy week.

A short train journey took me to Charing Cross where I picked up a dark cherry mocha, yes you can still purchase them and I can now have xmas in my life everyday!  This helped me decide where to go for lunch, Mildred’s, Vita Organic or Itsu….  All very nice options.

Vita Organic please. 3 tapas; shepherds pie and 2 delish salads and I treated myself to a piece of raw lemon, carob cake with “cream” and rasberry sauce for later on.  YUM SCRUMPTIOUS is an understatement.


After lunch I popped into whole foods for some bits and pieces and as usual bought more than I meant to.  There was a A’kin shampoo, conditioner and body wash special on and nt one to miss out on a bargain I stocked up.


Opposite Whole foods there is an Asian supermarket where I like to purchase tofu pockets, chinese curry cubes & Vietnamese rice paper.  I made some vegetable wraps with sweet chilli sauce.


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