Iron Cupcake London – Perfect Pair

2nd March 2010

As the date for the IC challenge draws closer I am filled with optimism and hope that some kind souls will provide me with lots of vegan cupcakes.

Sasha very kindly supplied not one but THREE flavours – chocolate and ginger, orange and apricot and maple, walnut and banana. I went for coffee and walnut.


There were some interesting flavour combos going on last night among them were cheese and pickle, peanut butter and jelly, apple and clove and tea and biscuit. If there is anywhere to get flavour inspirations it’s here!

After a distinct lack of other vegan entries last month we were very excited to see a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake happily declaring it’s dairy and egg freeness. Thank you you lovely baker it was YUMMY!

Peanut butter loveliness!

Next months challenge is ‘fruit’ which is taking place on Monday the 12th of April. For winners and cupcake reviews from last night check out the blog of the Caked Crusader.

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2 thoughts on “Iron Cupcake London – Perfect Pair”

  • Hi Girls!

    Was gonna come over and say hey at Iron Cupcake – but missed you! Will do next time thanks for the support – yours rocked too!

    Vive Vegan Cupcakes!!

    Alix x

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