Time for a catch up

07 March 2010

I haven’t had broadband access at home for about 3 weeks now and my website updates have been restricted to blogging from work (outside of working hours :-)) and not much else.  Meanwhile efficiency Mits has been churning through the THV list of jobs like a woman possessed.

Mits has organised our new THV cake stickers for the online THV cake shop – also new & the THV corn plastic mugs are on order.  How does she do it?  Well I am beginning to suspect there are two or three of her roaming about!!


So this is my catch up blog…  Spring is in the air after a long, dark, cold winter and the sun is shining once again.  Yay! 


I have spent the last month with my normal mixed diet of super healthy and naughty cakes so March is definately the time for more balanced diet for me.  I have been consuming green smoothies for about a month now and I am pretty sure that my hair is thicker and healthier and my skin looks better too.


A green smoothie is a combination of green vegetables and fruit to make it taste nice.  The difference between this and a juice is that all the fibre is left in so it contains more nutrients, fills you up a whole lot more and there is less waste to through away too.  My favourite combination is spinach, rocket, mango & pineapple.  Yummy. 

There have been many questions about the pots of green gunk on my desk, most who try it are quite pleasantly suprised and good for them for trying :-).  I have been asked if I am drinking grass (when it is bright green) or mud from the garden (pinapple gives it a sludge colour)!

On the cake front this month I have been working on some new flavours for the Bighton Eco veggie festival on Sat 20th.  My favourites are definately the chocolate ginger zing and banana, maple & walnut – the problem with this one is that maple syrup is soooooo very expensive as are walnuts.  I also need to adapt a sesame cupcake recipe given to me by Mits for muffins.  They are  too squodgy at the mo.  I have also attempted my first ever raw chocolate cake.


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