SAF @ Kensington

08 April 2010


Tonight THV were cordially invited for drinks & canapes at saf’s new restaurant in Kensington.  The new restaurant is situated in the upstairs of whole foods in what could be described as an upmarket food hall

This open evening was filled with media, customers and bloggers.  Entry with invitation only.  We passed on the drink at the door in our eagerness to find a quiet corner to observe the goinings on and soak up the atmosphere.  With the help of some cocktails and canapes of course.


The staff described in detail each drink and canapes &everyone waited, listening intently whilst eagerly eyeing the object for consumption.

Unfortunately we did choose to situated ourselves in the furthest corner so often the food and drink trays were empty as they went passed – no ones fault but our own.  However we did eat and drink all the treats that came our way…


The drinks and food were superb.  The mixologist at saf use to work at pure food & wine, the raw restaurant I visited in new York.  I am guessing the raw world is smaller than the vegan one.

Because I don’t live in the area and work nearer to saf at shoreditch that one will always be my preferred saf but if you are in the area you should pop in for a delightful drink and food.

We popped in for a wholefoods take out salad.  It was quite pricey at £6.49!


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