New York (part 2)

24-29th March

After part 1 you can imagine I was feeling pretty full.  I shared a vegan pizza from the vegan bakery on 8th (between 1st & Ave A) which cost $5 a slice.  This bakery is open 7 days and offers a wide array of sweet & savoury items.  There is a small amount of seating inside but it is mainly a take out place.  The bakery is currently 85% organic but is aiming for 100%.  The owner has really investigated his ingredients well.

Vegetarian bakeryVegan pizza

This day was an elected shopping day which meant being in Soho/Greenwich for the day.  I couldn’t find too many vegan cafes around this are, a couple that were on my list had closed and I am sure there were more I just didn’t know about them.  If in doubt go for sushi.  This place was a couple of doors down from babycakes but there was no room for cake after lunch!  Asparagus rolls are beginning to compete with avocado ones.  I had steamed broccoli & orange sesame seed dressing (YUM) & that old favourite veggie dumplings.  All accompanied by a nice green tea.

Green teaveggie sushiSteamed broccoli

After lunch we carried on shopping, Soho & Greenwich are full of boutiques.  I visited moo shoes again as it was around the corner.

On the way back to the hotel I visited Wholefoods at Union Square to see what goodies they had on offer.  Unfortunately I couldn’t see everything on Mits shopping list and the deli lady had no idea about the nut tree raw cheese I was asking her about – with my accent all she heard was roar cheese!   At 6pm on Saturday was not the time to be purchasing the one or two items I did want the shopped was packed with check out queues going out the door!

We decided not to travel too far for dinner on Saturday night.  On Friday we had spotted a Korean restaurant on 32nd, literally around the corner to where we were staying.  I had never eaten Korean food before so curiosity won and we went to Hangawi for dinner.  What a treat this turned out to be.

Hangawi, NYCHangawi menuPear juice

We left our shoes at the door and sat at floor level tables.   The very friendly waiting staff had to bend down to talk and serve us.  Our waiter confirmed that all the dishes were vegan and recommended our food for us.  The ethos of the restaurant is about health and healing through food and drink.  We had juices to drink and paper wrapped vermicelli noodles with raw jicama mushrooms & veggie dumplings (again!!) to start followed by spicy veggie & tofu rice in a stone bowl and grilled toduk – a very nice crunchy mountain root.

Vermicelli noodles & jicama mushroomsSpicy rice & grilled toduk

Well I still had another day and a half in New York which equals at least another 5 meals.  Haha.  However before any more eating could be undertaken I had to go for a long walk around central park.

Running track, central park

Handily enough the candle 79 & cafe are on the upper east.  We scooted passed candle 79 restaurant on 79th  which offers fine dining vegan food.  It looked good from what I could see through the window!

Candle 79, NYC

After all that walking it was time for coffee and cake (hee hee).  4 blocks away is candle cafe which is in the same family as the restaurant except it is a cafe.  This is the place I visited last time I was here for Thanksgiving dinner, both times it has been packed however the vibe is chilled.  For both my visits I sat at the bar, probably the same seats!

vegan snacks, candle cafeChoc chip cookietai chi latte & raspberry choc chip muffin

Hmmm which treat should I have with coffee?  I had a tai chi latte and a raspberry and chocolate chip muffin – YUM.  The chocolate chip cookie was also good ($16 for two drinks and bites including tip).  I had a chat with the restaurant manager, he was a very nice friendly guy.

A short taxi journey downtown took us to Angelicas kitchen on 12th- a vegan cafe.  The organically and responsibly grown produce is served within 48 hours of being picked!
Angelica's kitchenAngelica's kitchenTofu sandwich & 3 bean stew

The menu is season and subject to availability.  The chefs cook intuitively using what is available.  I had half a marinated tofu sandwich, simple salad & tea.  Meal for two was $30 including tip.

Time for some more shopping.  I returned to moo shoes and gave them a THV shopper coz the staff are so friendly.  There were some trainers that had caught my eye but unfortunately they didn’t have my size, this happened with a few of the shoes too.  I am not sure if they are changing stock during my visit.  Oooh also there are two old cats in the shop that hang out by the til!

Dinner was sushi again, a nice cheap treat :-).

The last day came so fast and there was only time to visit wholefoods and buy some tasty treats to take home and buy lunch.  I was hoping to find some weird & wonderful new goods that weren’t available in the UK – there wasn’t really anything that jumped out at me which I thought was good it means we are well provided for here.  I made a preliminary visit to wholefoods on Union square on Saturday at 6pm (!!).  Do not visit whole foods on Saturday because New Yorkers are doing their weekly shopping and the queues are out the door!

Today was purchase day & Mits had provided me an extensive list of things to buy for her.  Unfortunately the shop did not stock everything she wanted or fortunately as I only had one suitcase.

Wholefoods vegan areaPeanut browniem_tohappyvegan's vegan treats
Wholefood treatsCinnamon rollElectrolyte enhanced water

Whole foods by central park has an amazing salad bar!

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