Wedding bells

25 April 2010

Weddings are highly stressful expense events and the last thing the bride and groom need is someone with special dietary requirements to complicate things……  Fortunately this bride and groom were happy to satisfy my veganess.  So much so that they forwarded me the menu and let me choose for all.   Ooooh the responsibility.  Could I cope with the pressure and pick a good menu for all?P1010397The wedding reception was held a Formby Hall, Liverpool.  Having stayed over the night before I managed to find a suitable vegan dinner, jacket potato & beans.  An oldie but a goodie and a cheapie at £2.95!!  No photo’s though, you all know what a jp looks like.

Breakfast was pretty good.  Normally at hotels I can have a bit of fruit and maybe toast if there is jam available.  This time I phoned ahead and requested that they purchase some soya milk so that I could have a drink and cereal :-).  Clever move Sasha, why haven’t you done this before?!!

Breakfast was fruit, cereal & toast – the justification for so much is becauue the wedding breakfast wasn’t going until be 4pm.


The wedding was great by the way.  Now back to the food….  Starter was a super fresh tomato & basil soup.  Followed by asparagus and chive mash and a desert of fresh fruit.


All eaten in a day – bet you manage how I fit it all in (literally).  One word… RESEARCH!

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