Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale 2010

27th April 2010

When we helped The Vegan Mentor with her vegan bake sale stall in Hampstead around this time last year I remember how nervous we were about being on a stall. In fact I actually did what I could to not have to stand behind the stall and serve people. Should you come across me now at a vegan festival I am very likely to be calling out like I’m on the market in Albert Square – ‘git your cupcake and muffins ere!’

We were unable to organise a public venue this year but there was no way that was going to stop us from partipating in the amazing event that is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. So we had it at work.

Please note my peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes at the back of the table given 10/10 by Hubby - wahoo!

For the Cake a Difference bake sale we were very cautious about declaring the vegan nature of the cakes and only revealed all after all the cakes had sold. After getting so much brilliant feedback however, we were loud and proud about it this time.

We managed to raise £125.07 plus an additional £28.01 from out first THV Cake Fest for our nominanted charity – The National Seal Sanctuary. Sash and I are both hoping to pay them a visit in the summer so stay tuned for lots of cute seal photos!

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