Raw day 3

28 April 2010

The third day in and we are still smiling.  I am responsible for providing lunch on raw day, although Mits did make me a semi raw lunch on monday.

Thats the thing when you start going raw one day per week.  You start to feel so good after the raw day and then slumpy the following day when you return to cooked food that you up your rawness on non raw days.  Easy peasy in the summer not so easy in the cold, dark, nasty winter we just had.

So lunch on monday was marinated tofu and chinese salad in wholemeal wrap with plum sauce.  I don’t have any photos coz I ate it so fast, it was lovely.  So good we ate it Tuesday too and I would eat it everyday until I got fed up with it which wouldn’t happen for ages (hint hint Mitsy).

So today as usual I have kept it simple.  Although I have recently bought two raw food books – the raw food revolutionary diet and angel foods by Cherie Soria and will be making stuff from these two eventually!  I started reading the first one from the front and it is full of interesting and useful nitritional information which I haven’t read through yet to get to the food!

I will do soom Mits I promoise!

So on the menu today is

Raw smoothie and fruit for breakfast

Veggie Salad, pumpkin seeds and 1st press olive oil

Lastly a big pile of fruit and a nice tall glass of water (one of many) rather than my usual decaf soya latte.  Why not add a roar wednesday to your week?

Picture 003

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