Raw day 4

05 May 2010

Raw day 4…. but whose counting anyway!


Today started with a super breakfast smoothie.  Measure into a glass – 4 tbs oats, a banana, a handful of blueberries, top up with applejuice/water.  Put into a blender and mix.

Looking back over the last few weeks our sentiments towards raw day have moved on from mild hesitation on the first day, but going with the idea because we know that it is soooooooooooooooooo good for us, to mild anticipation of those very nice evening meals out.  Then this week  I was mildly excited…..

The excitement was from adding another player to our Raw Wednesday group, who was most definitely mildly hesitation last week, and I was going to put in a special non cooking effort this week.  Once a foodie always a foodie and the summer salads have been nice, fresh and crunchy but team raw wanted more and there is so much more to have; raw cheese, raw crackers, raw pesto.  The challenge is making them!

After a weekend of baking I was a tad tired however I knew that team raw were relying on me to come up with the goods.  I had a little look though the raw diet revolution by Cherie Sorie and spotted raw burritos – chopped up veggies including cabbage, tomatoes, courgettes, amongst others, topped with chilli and avocado and wrapped in lettuce leaves.  It was flavourful, light & refreshing and you will have to take my word for it as I don’t have any photos.

We also had a wheatgrass shot from Crussh to give us super plant strength for the afternoon.  I quite like the flavour….

Tonight I made myself raw courgettini and tomato sauce for dinner.


This evening I also bake some new flavoured muffins….  Raspberry, banana & choc chip and Chocolate & blueberry with chocolate ganache.





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5 thoughts on “Raw day 4”

  • Thanks for the smoothie recipe – am drinking one now. Have not used oats before and whilst I’m not entirely sure I like the consistancy I have been looking for a way to introduce some carbs into my breakfast smoothie (I’m currently crashing by about 10.30am).

    We’ve had a couple of raw courgette noodle type dishes in the past week, with pesto, sundried tomatoes and olives.

    • Maybe use one tbs less oats? I tried it with 5 and it got too thick for me. You can also mix in some ground flax seeds.

  • Thanks – shall give it another go tomorrow morning. Am considering trying kale (the most hated of all vegetables, bar brussel sprouts) in a smoothie at the moment.

    • But it is soooooooooooooo good for you. It is nice with spinach and apple. My only gripe is that my blender does not moosh it up enough so any smoothie with kale still has chewy bits in. I am not ready to invest in a vitamix yet!

  • The kale experiment worked – I could hardly taste the difference between it and spinach at all (blended with banana and apple juice).

    I left the blender (kitchenaid) running longer than normal and though it did go smooth (no chewy bits) it didn’t go a uniform green.

    If feeling risky I may consider making without banana as you suggest, but fear my bitter hating taste buds may not take too kindly to it.

    I’m not sure I want a vitamix, I’d rather spend money on a decent juicer (juice in cartons is pasturised) or dehydrator.

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