Bulk baking

09 May 2010

Yesterday was double chocolate mini muffin baking day.  Having already filled my freezer with sunny blueberry, apple crumble & banana I need to find another place to bake and store my baked goods.  Yay for dads with big freezers!

With a goal of 400 mini muffins to bake the plan of attack was to start early.  This wasn’t helped by my small Saturday morning lay in! Having taken my own bowls, sieve & scales along the next challenge was baking in a different oven – its so hard!  I really like my oven, we know each other and after a few years of baking together are quite attached, in sync, we work as one.

Foreign ovens need a bit more work, say hello, be friendly.  Initially I used a different oven setting BIG MISTAKE but we worked through it and the muffins were still baked to perfection.

The beauty of cooking with chocolate is that it goes everywhere – all over the kitchen, inside my mouth (!!) and then everywhere else I touched.

Double choc cake mix

Bulk baking mini muffins

THV cakes - choc mini muffins

Ohhhhhhh and thanks to my helpers yesterday who cleaned up the kitchen when I was finished.  Just like Arnie I will be back…..

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