Dutch Courage

12th May 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a gallery the last one being the National Portrait Gallery to see the Annie Lebovitz exhibit in 2008! When my tattooed friend mentioned that Angelique Houtkamp would be in town on the day we were planning to meet up I jumped at the chance to head down to Nelly Duff with her.



Angelique is a Dutch tattooist who also does some amazing water colours. I love the vintage/old school feel to her work  (think Betty Boo, Poirot) and it has really got the artist in me (I know she’s still there somewhere!) itching to start painting again.





My girl had commissioned Angelique to design a tattoo since it was not possible to travel all the way to Amsterdam to get the lady herself to do it. I only wish I had taken a photo of friend, tattoo and Angelique but silly me got all shy to ask for a photo, some Dutch courage was definitely needed!

Instead we got our books signed then scurried off in to the chilly night to head to Pogo Cafe…that was closed – not a happy bunny. Anyone else intending on visiting I would suggest phoning ahead, although according to their website they should be open again now.


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