Conscious Chocolate Review

13th May 2010

This delivery of raw chocolate from Conscious Chocolate couldn’t have come at a better time. We were shortly about to embark on our raw Wednesdays (and these helped me out a lot the first couple of weeks!) and I had just seen the Panaroma show on ‘fairtrade’ chocolate.

Here is what Conscious Chocolate had to say about their ethical policies:

‘Unlike the cocoa farms used by multinational companies, we use a single farmer who, due to the speciality of the chocolate bean being raw, is very small (comparitably). The farmer sets the price and sends the goods by boat by the tonne rather than by hundreds of tonnes. It is a very small operation not involving child labour. My suppliers, Tree Harvest, have visited the farm and are satisfied as to the ‘fair trade’ involved in this product.’

They have a huge range of bars and we tried 8 of them. This is how I remember my first experience of raw chocolate being; soft and silky unlike the hard more crumbly texture of other vegan chocolate bars, and I have to say I much prefer the texture of Conscious bars. So what of all the different flavours?

Berry Christmas

The chocolate was soft and thick, the berries were too tangy (Sash suggested perhaps they cut the berries up into smaller pieces), this combination didn’t work for me at all. I also found something alcoholic about the after taste.

Avergae mark 5.5/10

The Nutty One

This was really nice, and again the lovely soft chocolate but this time filled with nice and crunchy nuts.

Average mark 8/10


So velvety smooth, the chocolate was even better without anything added to it.

Average mark 8.5/10


I found this one quite potent, and Sasha said it was too minty. Perhaps because they used a mint essential oil, it was almost like it was giving off fumes!

Average mark 5/10


Although I am sure using essential oils is the purest way to flavour the chocolate, again it was too strong for me. Sash liked this one and felt there was only a ‘hint’ of orange.

Average mark 7/10

Goji & Coconut

For someone reason I just didn’t like the sound of this one. I would say the goji and coconut didn’t really add any flavour to the bar but were there more for texture. Sash enjoyed it but agreed and thought the extras weren’t really required.

Average mark 6/10

Intense 80%

This bar was solid and not as soft as the others. It actually made me really thirsty afterwards. Sash found the chocoalte smooth and rich and really liked it.

Average mark 7.5/10

Easter Sunshine

This one was filled with seeds and mango. Although I didn’t get any mango in my bit and Sasha didn’t get in seeds in hers. My second attempt yielded me the mango but I wasn’t keen on it as it was really sweet. Whilst Sasha agreed it was sweet she actually liked the ‘glimmers’ of it.

Average mark 5.5/10

Chilli Hot

I don’t get the whole chilli chocolate thing I’m afraid so I was never going to appreciate this one. I also noticed that the chocolate wasn’t as smooth as in the other bars. Sash really liked it, and even went as far as to say it was the best chilli chocolate she had ever had! After trying more she also reckoned that the chilli wasn’t spread evenly throughout the bar.

Average mark 5.5/10

I would say these have been the best raw chocolate bars I have had so far, but as I’m not a chocoholic I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them. I appreciate that they are boosting the goodness of the bars by adding all these superfoods to them but I think their chocolate is good enough to fly solo. The other thing I would note was that the packaging wasn’t the most user friendly. One of the bars came with an extra layer of tissue that stopped it from sticking to the out packaging, but the rest of them had to be wrestled with to get it out.

So do you fancy trying them out for your self? We have nine of the bars to give away. Enter out competition here and then let us know what you think of them. 🙂

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  • We’ve only tried one from their range, entitled “Love Potion”. It was definitely a 5/10, which given the price hasn’t inspired to buy more. It’s good to know there are some 8/10 options.

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