What have I been eating?

18 May 2010

Being a vegan means that you can have easy days with food – normally when you are at home making it yourself!  Or bad days with food – when you end up at out & about where the food places having nothing vegan to eat.

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day and something I am getting more creative with.  Last weekend I decided to forgo milk and have mango & papaya juice with my morning fruit and muesli.  It tasted LOVELY.

Breakfast muesli with fruit

Home made fruit & muesli

This breakfast had so much of the good stuff in it – blueberries, banana, oats…  oooh that gave me the energy for all day baking!

Last week (before my food processor broke!) I whipped up some raw hummus for THV raw Wednesday.  This is made up of home sprouted chickpeas, sesame seeds, first press olive oil, garlic and a BIG squeeze of lemon.  I topped this with extra olive oil and paprika.

Raw day ended up at SAF again, this time with the veganbackpackers – John & Jill are travelling the world and sharing their vegan experiences.  So far they have travelled in South America and are now spending 3 months in Europe.  Follow them on their site or on twitter.  I had tacos for dinner – it was a starter and then blueberry cheese cake.

SAF - tacos

SAF - blueberry cheese cake

Out the back of the restaurant there is a potting shed – I had never noticed this before.  How totally cute!

SAF - potting shed

This week I saw a tweet by the gluttonous vegan – peanut butter brownies with chocolate ganache.  Mine didn’t look so pretty but my word it tasted good.  All the elements freeze (separately) so you always have a treat at hand.

Peanut butter brownie with chocolate genache

On Sunday in London, after seeing several elephants – charmed, dumbow – from the elephant parade I had one of the nicest decisions to make – tibits or vitaorganic for lunch?  Vita won.  I had my usual; seaweed lasagne, vegan coleslaw, veggie biryani & broccoli salad and it was delish.

Vitaorganic - buffet lunch

So now my food processor has broken I am not sure what I am going to make for Mits on raw Wednesday….  Watch this space to find out!

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