To be a healthy or unhealthy vegan – that is the question?

25 June 2010

“Hi, I am a vegan….”  You know how the rest of the  conversation.  “What do you eat?  Salad?  Can you eat cheese?  No, what about goat’s cheese?”  “You much be SO healthy”

Hmmm not necessarily…  I bake.  A big part of baking involves tasting the new stuff and making sure it is up to scratch.  When I first started baking I use to make large muffins and that was VERY unhealthy.  Mini muffins are better but it all depends on how many I have to taste!

But seriously how healthy are you?  As a vegetarian it is easy enough to live on junk food without being remotely healthy if you choose it – can we do the same when choosing a vegan life style or even raw?  Non vegans assume that if you are a vegan you are going to be really really healthy and part of that is due to them not knowing about the range of vegan produce out there so some folks assume we live on fruit & salad and some folks so but not me.  No siree.

I have a balance diet which swings between healthy (including raw days) and unhealthy which includes cake fests and muffin tasters.


THV cakes - jam doughnut mini muffins

Even on raw days Mits and I enjoy the raw chocolate loop hole and I have made “raw” custard tarts where the base and topping are made from nuts!

Raw custard tart

Maybe raw Wednesday should be renamed to healthy Wednesday meaning salad and fruit!

From a nutritional point of view all the good stuff is needed – salad, veggies, juices, smoothies, kale, lentils, nuts, linseeds but then so is the occasional treat.  I couldn’t live on junk food.  If I have two meals that include bread I start to feel bloated and every meal must contain some element of raw for me.  I do also hanker after greens, juices and smoothies and after the consumption of these goodies I am energised and refreshed.

So what about you?  Healthy or unhealthy or a balanced 80/20?

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