Everything Stops for Tea

3rd July 2010

Today was vegan tea party day! I have to say I am a little obsessed with tea parties/afternoon tea, so now that we finally have space to have one it didn’t take me long to find the opportunity. And what better occasion than a birthday?

My spread included inari – sweet tofu pockets filled with rice, aubergine pesto pin wheels (from La Dolce Vegan which are sooo easy to make) and my mum’s famous potato salad. This was easily veganised as it’s normally smothered in Salad Cream, but thank Sainsbury’s their Be Good to Yourself salad cream is vegan!

The Spread

There was of course also cake, as soon as strawberries are in season I go a bit crazy for them. The strawberry cupcakes are topped with icing made with lovely fresh strawberries:

Strawberry cupcakes

I had intended to use some soy whipped cream in the strawberry shortcake, but in the end used macerated strawberries in the middle, topped with plain icing and decorated with sliced strawberries.

Strawberry shortcake

My second attempt at lemon tart cupcakes and now that I am happy with them the recipe is here. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as my guests, with the hot weather something a bit zingy went down a treat.

Lemon tart cupcakes
Tucking in
First of several plates!

But where was the tea I hear you ask? Well tea pots and tea cosys weren’t really appropriate so I made some iced lemon early grey tea instead. 🙂

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