Ruth Norbury – Animal Rights Embroidery Artist

My name is Ruth Norbury, I have been married to James for just over a year although we have been together since we were in school. I am 32 and I live in Swansea with James, 2 border collies and 4.5 cats (one spends all its time with someone else!).

I have been embroidering since I was a child, but I have been professional artist for about 10 years. I used to specialise in hand embroidered British birds, but this year I decided to combine my 2 passions, embroidery and animal rights….. an odd combination I know but I think it works! I find it quite interesting combining the horrors of the animal industry with embroidery which is considered very traditional.

Don't Let Them Shoot Me

James and I are both vegans and have been for about 2 years and are active members of the Swansea Animal Rights Group.

I am currently dividing my work days up and I am proof reading James’ roleplaying books in the morning (quick plug :@) – Corporation the Roleplaying Game) and I am stitching in the afternoon. I am currently writing a booklet on embroidering a jay (it is rather like my old style which is more saleable but it will be titled ‘Vermin’ as you are allowed to shoot them legally, so it will still have an animal rights angle)

I am also running a competition on my website to win one of my embroideries which you are of course welcome to take a look at.


I shall post a picture of the jay when he is finished!

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  • Why is is that Animal Rights activists demonstrate outside Jewish butchers (who employ the same kosher methods to kill animals as Halal), but will NEVER demonstrate outside Muslim butchers? Every-time I have emailed Swansea Animal Rights this question, they refuse to answer; hypocrites much?

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