Go nuts for doughnuts

27 August 2010

When is the last time you ate a doughnut?  I haven’t had one for ages and I have certainly never made them.  That is until today.

What happens when you get two vegans in a room with a new recipe to make?  Shrieks, applause and general giddy excitement….  For some reason, one that remains unkown to me, I decided early on in the week that on Friday Mits & I should make vegan doughtnuts.  It was a pre arranged appointment.  I wasn’t planning on poppping up unannounced laddened with yeast & flour.  For one she lives to far from me to pop along in any shape or fashion.

After deciding upon doughnuts I needed to find a recipe and eventually opted for a Jamie Oliver recipe.  This recipe already doesn’t include eggs and then you only need to substitute in non dairy milk.  Easy…  So let’s get started.  Oh there is lots of resting of dough required to let the yeast rise so I recommend making them when you have a day off, a weekend or any evening when you can’t sleep and fancy doing some cooking.

These little fellas are lovely.  The dough has a lemon zesty flavour.  In addition we glazed some and then filled some with jam and some with chocolate spead!!!!  Try ’em, try ’em NOW. 

Doughnut dough

Ready for frying...

Glazed ring doughnuts
Jam doughnuts & mini doughnuts

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