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22 September 2010

In the last three weeks my garden and our 15 (!!!) tomato plants have been yielding a weekly basket of fruits like you would not believe and there are only so many tomato salads two people can eat in a week!

I have been trying to give some to Mits as well but it seems her neighbours having a tomato glut too at the moment!  So she didn’t want them.  I recommend befriending someone with tomato plants right now and giving them a helping hand with their glut. 🙂

If you grown your own veggies it is nice in times of glut to plan for the winter months and make recipes that you can freeze for future months.  This works well with tomatoes because it is easy enough to bake them with basil, garlic and/or chilli in a splash of olive oil and whizz them up to make a pasta sauce for the freezer.

So what else can be made and frozen?  Tomato soup – soup is very easy to make vegan and the recipe I found can be frozen up tp 3 months.  As you know by now when I want a recipe I simple search for it on the world wide web.  I read a few of the options and pick one depending on how easy it is to veganise (if required) and the current contents of my kitchen cupboard/fridge.  This one is already vegan. 🙂

Remember it can take a couple of goes to make it right and sometimes it works out right the first time and I love it when that happens!

I have quite liked the idea of baking bread for awhile.  I have tried it a couple of times but to no avail and have failed impressively with pizza bases too!  Not being one to give up I have recently had success with two recipes; no knead bread (and very easy, it worked 1st time) and wholemeal pitta.



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