Pop Up Vegan Banquet by Jess Gold of Camden Friends of the Earth

I got an email out of the blue from Mitsu inviting me to guest blog on this site. I am involved with Camden Friends of the Earth and we decided that we would organise a vegan banquet to celebrate the 10/10/10 Global day of doing. Mitsu heard about this and happily wanted to help us to promote it. The event is also a chance for us to raise funds as part of Friends of the Earth’s emergency appeal. The appeal is attempting to assuage some of the pain of the recession that many charities are suffering at the moment.

Dietarily everyone in our group is different. What brings us together is our desire to campaign on climate and other environmental issues. Some focus on local issues and others national or international. However we are all aware that modern commercial animal husbandry is a major contributor to global greenhouse emissions. As the organisation that ran ‘The Big Ask’, the campaign that brought about our Climate Change law, we are keen that people understand that the food choices that they make have a direct impact on the size of their carbon footprint. We therefore want to encourage people to eat less meat and dairy and enjoy their vegetables more.

It was my idea to hold a vegan banquet to mark 10/10/10 but it was rapidly adopted by the group. We want people to understand that eating less meat and dairy is good for the planet and the people and animals on it.

The ‘eat less’ message may or may not be one that vegans relate to, however I feel anything that helps more people understand that vegan food is delicious, healthy and good for the planet has to be a good things.

I hope you will join us at the Pirate Castle in Camden on 10th October for some fun, some great entertainment and some very delicious food.

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Co-coordinator, Camden Friends of the Earth

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