Tyrannosaurus Veg, a Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius

I am an imperfect Vegan.

It isn’t my fault.  I want to be perfect but I haven’t worked out how to in a time scale that doesn’t involve me starving to death while I wait for my own produce to grow.

And the reason I might need to grow my own produce is that I have lost all trust in our high street retailers.  A big sign saying, “Suitable for Vegans” just doesn’t cut it for the generation who first saw Soylent Green, it’s people you know!

Let me give you a bit of personal background before I go much further. Everything which I mention in the next paragraph I will pick up on in future blogs because it has all had an impact on my passage from the dark side to the beautiful side.

I am a 45 year old Scottish (very Glaswegian actually) businessman holding a number of senior appointments with a major national commercial organisation.  I am also a senior figure within a number of centuries old institutions.  Most people would see me as part of “the establishment” – whatever that is.  I go to work in a 3-piece suit by choice and I go to at least 40 formal dinners a year wearing either: white tie and tails, black tie and DJ or full highland dress. I’ve got the shiny shoes and the posh briefcase to go with the business roles and I’m no stranger to the solid gold chains of office for the other roles.  I have contacts who are not only not-green, but probably anti-green and I definitely do not look like a vegetarian, never mind a determined to be vegan.

So what on earth am I doing blogging on THV?  What on earth are Sasha and Mitsu thinking about adopting a barely house-trained dinosaur from the omniverous era?

Well the truth is I adopted them.  Let me share with you the secret of success:

Surround yourself with excellence.

That has worked for me for the last 30 years in everything that I have done both in business and in the other parts of my life.  I am certain that this will hold true for my life change and I am sure that regular visitors to THV will agree with my opinion of Sasha and Mitsu.  Their job is to complete my change from beast to beauty and my blog is both payment for that service and a means to keep me focussed on eating ethically and healthily.

What, then, will a blog from Tyrannosaurus Veg look like?

My intent is to give you an insight into the difficulties faced when someone like me commits to a total change of diet without the freedom to change the lifestyle that goes with it.  I will blog my experience of “negotiating” for a vegan meal at each new formal dinner I go to along with the actual experience of the meal served – and the attitude of those serving it which has been an eye-opener already!

If you want me to write about anything specifically then use the comment box below. I would especially like you to use the comment box below if you see me getting anything wrong.  This is a permanent change in my life so the faster I deal with beginner mistakes the better.  And I can’t deal with them if I don’t know what they are.

To finish this introduction, let me share one big mistake with you already:

So far I have given up fish (I thought) and meat.  In the last month I have almost managed to give up dairy – but that is soooooo difficult if you drop your guard for a second and I am becoming obsessively paranoid eating or drinking away from home.  My mistake was thinking margarine was a good dairy substitute.  That may well be the case for dairy but did you know they grind up fish as a key ingredient in many brands of margarine?  Hateful, isn’t it?

My first food-based blog will compare 2 major hotel chains and the difference between their vegan options for corporate dinners.  One was brilliant.  One was unforgivably bad.  I hope you will all come back and read it.

Until then,



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  • I am really looking forward to reading more from you. And from learning from your experiences too as I am moving back to the UK very soon.

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