Portland's vegan mall

What constitutes a vegan mall?  I would say it is a small gathering of vegan retailers?  More than one vegan retailer in a place……..  Imagine that.  Da da daaaaaaa….behold Portland’s vegan mall which was bought to my attention by the kind and considerate @veganmonkey.  Thank you!

Portland’s vegan mall is on SE Start st & SE 12th Ave.  There are four vegan shops there; Sweat Pea baking company, Herbivore clothing store, Foodfight grocery store and Scapegoat tattoo.  I am going to be honest and say that I didn’t dare believe it until I was there and could see all 4 vegan shops lined up in a row for myself.

First stop Sweetpea bakery for some cake research.


What should I have?  I thought it might be good to try something different and was considering the raspberry mocha cake but couldn’t make up my mind!  I asked for help and was recommended the carrot cake and was given a peanut brownie freebie.  THANK YOU!  They were both lushious.

Next door is herbivore clothing company which has books, accessories, clothes & jewellery.  I wasn’t expecting this shop so it caught me off guard and I had to buy some stuff from it!!!  The owner was lovely, he recomended his favourite vegan restaurants – Portobello & Blossoming Lotus.  I asked him how the vegan mall got created and he explained that they were a group of vegan friends with different business that wanted to be near each other.  Nice idea, simply and effective.  Anyone want to team  up and do the same thing in London? 

He did kinda laughed at the name “vegan mall” which made me think that it wasn’t what they called themselves but a given name.  The stuff in this shop was, to coin a phrase, awesome.  I bought a bag & purse by Alchemy goods made from recycled bike tyres and a seat belt and a Couch guitar strap vegan belt.

The food fight grocery store is pretty amazing, it has misonnaise, raw products and ice cream amongst a lot of other vegan treats. :-).  I didn’t get a tattoo either but I looked…..

Have you booked your flight to Portland yet?  You should…..

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  • “Anyone want to team up and do the same thing in London? ”

    If you are serious about it – I do! Get in touch?

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