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11th October 2010

Yesterday I decided to make the most of the lovely weather and toddled off down to the park with the Little Man which just happens to be right next to the local allotments. Although we have been in our new house since June our garden still needs a lot of work and I can’t even begin to think about maintaining a plot until that’s sorted. At the moment I am brooding over composting options – are womeries vegan?? I guess that is a whole other blog, but in the meantime at least we don’t have to get on a waiting list for an allotment plot as our  green fingered neighbour has very generously offered us one of her two.

Just as we were leaving the park we spotted a familiar face pottering around in the allotments opposite and took up the offer immediately to have a little nosey round.

Teeny tiny tomatoes apparently very fiddly to pick!

The Little Man as always wanted to know what everything was and seemed right at home sniffing flowers and touching lovingly all the plants (he is not so gentle with toy cars!). My hope is that he will continue to be fascinated and help Mummy plant lots of delicious things for us to eat.

Little Man with chard that ended up in his leek and spinach curry for tea

Obviously with it being Autumn it’s all about harvesting and we have received gifts of butternut squash which I made into a spicy soup, beetroot which I had with my dinner tonight plus daikon in my miso soup. I’ve even popped my head over the fence  humbly requesting tomatoes and I was not let down. But before you think I’m all take, take, take I always ensure I save a slice of vegan love in return. Yesterday it was white chocolate torte 🙂


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