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There is no denying that having self catering accommodation on holiday in the US can be a good thing.  In New York that option wasn’t available to us so we ate which was good as there are a lot of vegan restaurants in NYC but it costs a lot.  With self catering accommodation you can taste local produce bought from the farmers market 😉 or supermarket and  cook up some tasty treats.

The supermarkets we shopped in were Fred Meyers, New Seasons & Trade Joe’s – between all three there is a vast array of vegan goods available & organic local produce.  Trader Joe’s only trades in 10 states and follows a program of organic growth.  All their produce is Trader Joes which means they encourage suppliers to upgrade ingredients and wrap in basic packaging which reduces the costs.  I know this because I invited them to London to compete with Whole foods – otherwise known as “whole pay packet”!!!  So true.  I visited wholefoods in Portland but it was noticeably much more expensive than other retailers.

And of course here are some food photo’s….

Brown rice milk
Home made curry heaven
OMG delish spinach hummus
Curry balls
Home made pizza with daiya cheese 🙂
Hmmmmm choccies
Pizza with daiya (heavenly) cheese
Cheese & pickle and spinach hummus & salad pitta
Choccie bars and poo papper!
More pizza
Banana pancake
Roasted sweet potato & red pepper patties
Turtle trail ice cream

There was more food consumed….  more ice cream, pizza, pancakes………  The choice of vegan food available in Portland is really good.  Each time I went shopping there was an abundance of things to choose to buy cookies, chocolate, ice cream, all freely available.  AMAZING.

Portland is also a very environmentally friendly city surrounded by beautiful forest.  The beach is under 2 hours away and is quiet and chilled out.  I saw a beached seal cub wiggle its way back down the beach into the sea – so cooooool.

Go to Portland, eat up a storm and then go for a hike to make sure you are hungry for your next meal :-).

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3 thoughts on “Portland – Eating In”

  • I’m with you on the Daiya – it’s lush stuff.
    I always self-cater when I’m in the US and Canada. I love trying out all the yummy vegan food, and there is nothing more fun that scoping overseas supermarkets for interesting food.

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