Loving Hut, Camden

25th October 2010

Fancy your dinner with a side of cult TV? Loving Hut is the place for you! Apparently Mr Man in Edgware where I had my first experience of Supreme Master Ching Hai is now also a Loving Hut and so Sash and I kinda knew what to expect.

We visited the Camden branch where they have the standard all you can eat buffet (which is also pay what you like, deciding proved to be a torturous process for us!) which I  really didn’t enjoy. It seemed to be all the same things: fake beef in black bean sauce, chow mein noodles, prawnless crackers (scary fact: someone told me they are about 500 calories for 100g!) etc  but on this occasion I just found it all a bit greasy and not really inspiring.

The other items on the menu however were much better. Believe all the hype about the burgers, we split a Golden Burger which is a vegan chicken burger filled with salad, onions, and vegan mayo.  So good it may warrant a trip back to try out the Eco Burger (‘beef’ burger) and Ocean Burger (‘fish’ burger), a decent vegan burger is hard to come by now Red Veg and Eat & Two Veg have both closed.

We also tried the Smiling Dumplings generously filled with a sesame dipping sauce.

Sadly the delicious looking cakes on the website were nowhere to be seen, in the fridge nothing was labelled but there appeared to be a cheese cake and a peacan cake neither of which looked that appealing.  So we left without dessert – pratically unheard of when we dine at a vegan restaurant!

We’re also not sure how relevant the ‘healthy and nutritious’ message they keep pushing is when the majority of the dishes are fried, in that respect they seem to be taking the V Bites route of trying to persaude omnivores they don’t need meat. I guess if people take it in moderation and it get’s them on the path to a plant based diet if can only be a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “Loving Hut, Camden”

  • I can’t persuade my husband to try this plaqce as he thinks it’s all a bit cult/brainwashing type of thing. Can you actually sit and eat in peace there or do you get hassled by the people working there? (I know about the TV stuff but that is fairly easy to ignore).

    • Hi there. You can totally eat in peace and the food is very reasonable. We loved the burger that Mits ordered – next time I would have this!

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