Tyrannosaurus Veg, a Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius #3

Tyrannosaurus Veg and the 5 course Vegan banquet

Once a year the Trades House of Glasgow elects a new Deacon Convener – who is the 3rd citizen of Glasgow after the Lord Provost and the Lord Dean of Guild.  To celebrate we usually have a small intimate gathering for around 200 of the great and good from the City (and the rascally Tyrannosaurus Veg to make up the numbers!) during which we are always fed and watered in great style.

This year, T Veg asked the caterers to surprise him with the best Vegan meal they could produce.

The starter was amazing.  A mix of mushrooms on a bed of roast beetroot in a home-made vegan sauce, decorated with a leafy salad.

As you can see, I didn’t leave much.  I think if the plate had a pattern I may have eaten it as well.

Course number 2 was a delicious tomato and herb soup made with real tomatoes and not just poured out of a caterers giant feed-the-millions tin.

This was followed by a delightful bunch of roast baby tomatoes on a bed of caramelised onions and fine sliced peppers in a delicious vegan sauce.

By this stage my fellow diners were starting to notice that not only was I getting special treatment but my meal both looked and smelled better than theirs.  I have absolutely no doubt that it tasted a whole lot better as well.

The big surprise of the evening though was when everyone else was getting stuck into their BSE on a plate, I was presented with this:  a stuffed cabbage leaf, garlic and herb roast root vegetables and potato – I can’t remember what the potato style was called but it was made with vegan stock, and tasted delicious.

Opening the cabbage leaf was like unwrapping a birthday present.

Full of delicious vegetable stir-fry and yes, that plate was clean as a whistle when I finished as well:

For dessert I had poached pears with wild berries – a delicious combination, not too light, not too heavy and the perfect finish to a magnificent meal.

The only downside to the whole night was having to pass on the tablet served with the teas and coffees.  Perhaps I should get them to order THV cakes for next year.

The caterers are Grooms Catering Coand they tell me that they will be doing a Vegan Wedding in the very near future.  I wonder how many of the guests will even realise they have had a vegan meal.  I know they will all be very well fed indeed

10 out of 10 for feeding me in brilliant Vegan Style.  I am going to be a very chubby dinosaur at this rate.