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I found vegan food as soon as I landed at JFK all clearly labelled and calling me.  My word what a nice change. Please see soba noodles below – very nice indeedy.

As you can see from my last Portland blog (Portland – Eating In) I made the most of new and interesting ingredients I found in the supermarket (mainly daiya cheese!) and ate in a lot. But in the name of research I also managed to eat out as well.  I did this for you!

Portland is an environmentally friendly, vegan haven and I am so lucky that my cousin lives there and I got to visit with the for a couple of weeks.  I am equally lucky that she was willing to embrace my vegan lifestyle with gusto & enthusiasm.  Thank you lovely!

We went out to eat in some funky places that she had already found, tried and tested – Proper Eats & Mint Tea and then some others that she recommended.    There were a couple of places that we didn’t get to eat in, namely Yummy Tummy & blossoming lotus which means that I might have to go back…..

This blog is on Proper Eats, Laughing Planet, Mint Tea, Prasad & Voodoo Donuts.  Read and enjoy!

This restaurant is in St Johns which is a short drive from Portland.  It is an old fashion place which has a grocery shop at the front with veggies and food bins and the restaurant at the back.  They also sell vegan chocolates.

For lunch we had the soup of the day followed by a NoPo burrito & the Tabouli wrap.  It was LOVELY.  OMG if you go to Portland you must visit this place and have lunch or dinner.  I could have gone back and had something else from their lovely, tasty menu.  The chocolates were berry & early grey, these were expensive and for $2.50 each or £5.00 for 3 I expected a lot more flavour.

Next we ate at Mint Tea, again after a long hike so I earned my lunch.  Hee hee hee.  Mint Tea is a cafe/retail outlet in a renovated old building located in Vancouver.  The cafe ingredients are seasonal and local and the menu is small & changes daily.  Mint Tea has vegan options available on the menu.

If you got to a cafe called Mint Tea then you have to partake in some don’t you?  Apple splice tea was refreshing and tasty.  I has the veggie pasta for lunch and it was gorgeous – simple and tasty which is my kinda food.  My cousin has the tempeh wrap – I am not usually a tempeh fan but I did like this and have eaten it again in stir fry since.

On my days out strolling around Portland I did head to Prasad a couple of times for a power smoothie and a take out salad box.  Check out the menu here.  When I stumbled upon this place I was looking for blossoming lotus which is somewhere totally different and also a raw restaurant.  Opposite Prasad there is a chocolate shop & cafe called Sweet Masterpiece which has vegan options.  I wasn’t very excited about the options available – it was mostly reshaped dark chocolate.

Warrior smoothie
Revival smoothie
Dragon bowl salad

An unexpected treat occurred one lunch time when we made a post food shopping visit to laughing planet cafe.  Why does that happen?  Spend money on food and then go out and eat?!  It was a good decision, this place serves the tastiest burrito’s around baby. There is bad news though…..  I didn’t have my camera.  I know, naughty Sasha.  Check out the menu here.

We shared an OMG Elmer Fudd buritto – mash potato, veggies & daiya cheese (vegan option).  COMFORT FOOD heaven.  I am salivating right now!  And the special Vietnamese burrito – light, spicy & tasty.  Both soooooooo good.  I also got a snickerdoodle cookie for later (hurrah I have a photo).

Have you heard of voodoo donuts?  I hadn’t before spotting it on the vegan Portland guide that I had.

Why is this place important?  Look at the vegan donut menu……

The magic is in the whole
Cute, pink donut boxes

It is a funky little shop on SW 3rd Ave which is open 24 hours a day and there is always a queue out the front!  On my third attempt I waited 45 minutes in the cold for the donuts  this queue was half the usual size.  I bought a cinnamon & sugar cake donut, a maple one and an old dirty bastard – just for the name but fortunately it was chocolate and peanut butter.

They look good don’t they but they were disappointing.  The cinnamon & sugar one was slightly dry like it was a day old.  I didn’t think the maple one had a lotta flavour going on but my cousin did.  I liked the old dirty bastard the best (tee hee) but they all had a greasy after taste.   Worth the wait or not?  The huge queue makes you curious about what can be inside, what can taste sooooo good. You would have to decide for yourself if its worth the wait or not.  I am pleased the queue was half the usual length.

5 thoughts on “Portland – Eating Out”

  • Looks fabulous. I wonder how we would go about persuading City visitor centres in the UK to produce such a comprehensive guide book? I feel a proposal to the Chamber of Commerce coming on…

  • It looks and sounds like you had a fantastic trip to Portland. Isn’t it just insane how many vegan options they have there??!!! I had a chance to visit a few years ago and even though it seems like I spent my whole time eating, I didn’t hit any of the spots featured in the post, except, thankfully, Voodoo Doughnuts. Hope to see more travel posts from you two. I added a link to your eating in and eating out posts in my October roundup of vegan travel news 🙂

    • Hi Jill – I had such a good time there. There were loads of other places that I didn’t get to as well which means I can go back again! Thanks for the link 😉

  • I’ve just visited Portland from the UK too! We had 3 attempts to get into Voodoo Doughnuts as well and I chose exactly the same 3 doughnuts as you!!! We got them early on a Monday morning about 10am and there was no queue and they were good, nice and fresh tasting. Enjoy reading your blog about your trip. You are so lucky to have a relative there!

    • Hee hee how funny – was it the name that got you to have the old dirty bastard too? You sound it like you timed your visit much better than I did. We both proved that three times lucky works!!!

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