Cupcake Camp London 2010

27th October 2010

Missing Iron Cupcake or just in need of a warm hug that is a room full of cupcakes? Then look no further! This Sunday (31st October) Cupcake Camp is pitching itself up in Camden for a fundraising event.  Unfortunately it’s now too late to enter your own cupcakes to be judged by the professional panel but you an judge them yourself on the day. Entry is free but there will be taste tickets available to buy for you to exchange for the many donated cupcakes with all the money going to charity.

The event itself is not solely vegan but there have been 10 vegan entries (THV among them!) and Ms Cupcake will no doubt do us proud by representing vegan deliciousness as one of the judges.

For more info go to the Cupcake Camp London website or follow them on twitter.

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