The Real Greek?

28th October 2010

So we were meant to go to The Gate in Hammersmith tonight but at the last minute we had to rearrange and instead I booked us into The Real Greek in Spitalfields. You always have to give points to a non vegan restaurant that can be bothered to highlight the vegan items on their menu and after a quick glance online there indeed appeared to be quite a few vegan dishes.

We pretty much ordered everything that was vegan being mostly from the cold meze section: Gigandes Plaki beans in a juicy tomato sauce,  Melitzanosalta (similar to babaganoush?) smoked aubergine which wasn’t actually very smokey but tangy from vinegar, hummus (me fussy as always – not enough lemon, not enough garlic blah blah blah) and new potatoes. The crudites where recommend as being perfect for their dips and yet the dip didn’t arrive till we had munched our way through a good portion of them. Sash selected the smoked chilli relish, it was definitely smokey and spicy, almost sweet and sour but had a bit of an odd after taste, something I couldn’t quite put my finger one… It was also quite runny and I had expected it to be a little thicker more a sauce than a dip I would say.

Bread turned out to be the confusion of the evening, we just could not get our head around the fact that the flat bread which is the only bread they serve was not vegan, we even asked the waiter to check. How can you serve vegan dishes that leave a plate just asking to be mopped and then have nothing to do the mopping with?

For me real Greek food are the dishes that my best friends mum has been feeding me since I was 3, even now although we no longer live down the road from each other, when she comes to visit she always comes with a food parcel of heart warming lentil stews and soups. You will also NEVER leave a real Greek home hungry!

Vegan marking on the menu will get us in, but if you want us to come back some more vegan dishes especially hot meze dishes would be the way to tempt us, oh and bread please!!!

Dinner for two with no alcohol not incl tip was £24.

Now where are those crumpets Sash made me…

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