Vegan Mofo 2010 – Day 1

01 November 2010

Wahooooooo vegan mofo 2010 is here.  Time to eat, drink and be very happy vegans.

My trip to Portland has really inspired me to get cooking and make some tasty treats.  Over the last week and a bit I have been eating like the queen of veganland.  Hee hee.  The cold weather has turned me into Mrs Soupcook and the first one I made was leek and potato – thick and warm.

Leek & potato soup with vegan BLT bagel

Last week at last I made crumpets.  I printed this recipe off at some point last year, bought the rings and everything and then waited……  At 10am last week I decided to have home made crumpets for breakfast.  I didn’t realise that it takes an hour for the crumpets to rise and then about 10 mins for them to cook!  It turned into an early lunch instead!

Mits and I went out to Loving Hut, Camden last week for dinner.  I opted for the as much as you can eat buffet and then choose what you want to pay for it!

Buffet - plate 1

Buffet - plate 2!!!!

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