Brighton's Vegan Cake & Chocolate Appreciation Society

The Vegan Cake & Chocolate Appreciation Society are a group that meet monthly in the Brighton area.  In the summer the meetings take place in parks or on the seafront and this time of year (in the cold) we meet in peoples homes. Liz started the group as a fun way to promote vegan food.  I’ve found it to be a great way to meet other vegans or veggies.

There are a few regulars who come to most meetings (I’m definitely one of those!), some people who come occasionally and a few new people at most meetups. I love that its such a friendly, laid back group and so welcoming to newcomers.  Anyone can come along and the food can be sweet or savoury, homemade or shop bought, just as long as its vegan.

A recent development of the group is that we’ve produced a most wondrous calendar! Called The Scrumptious Vegan Calendar 2011, its full of gorgeous dessert photos along with their recipes. Some buyers have got them as presents, though often they’re presents for themselves! Last week myself and Rachel promoted the calendar in a health shop by giving away cake. What an enjoyable way to spend a few hours, free cake definitely brings out the best in people!

Our recent meet up was a relaxing afternoon, eating tasty food with a great bunch of people. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, it had come out really sunny and as the flat we met in had huge windows, it was lovely sat  in the bright sunshine, chatting and eating!  There was a good selection of savoury foods, including rice salad, still warm roast potatoes (my favourite!), homous, pastry with mushrooms & toms, salads…and desserts were cupcakes, crumble, flapjack, choc fridge cake…  Iwent home with a very contented belly after a very enjoyable afternoon :).

Please contact Justine for information on the 2011 vegan calendar

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