Tyrannosaurus Veg, A Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius #5

Tyrannosaurus Veg on Dealing with Temptation

This has been the most difficult blog to write so far because this one is all about you, dear reader and not me so I need to get it right.

If you are going to follow in my footsteps and renounce your carnist ways then you need to be very aware that it is not the big juicy steak, sizzling and smelling fabulous that will tempt you, in fact the further down the road you go the more you will realise that it doesn’t smell fabulous at all, it smells of death. No, what will tempt you will be the tiny little things.


On two separate occasions I have almost cracked so now I know when to be careful. The first was predictable and I should have taken better steps to avoid the problem. At an evening function advertised as drinks and nibbles I made the classic mistake of rushing from work having had only a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and was absolutely ravenous. The nibbles turned out to be tray upon tray of mixed Indian delicacies – mostly chicken based – being taken around the gathering by some very attentive waiters who were obviously drilled to visit every single person in the room with their tempting treats.

I didn’t crack but it was a close call so if it happens to you, how do you beat this temptation? You have GOT to be tough. Every time you see or smell or even think you might be in the same building as food you have got to tell yourself over and over, “I am vegan, I am vegan, I am vegan!” The satisfaction of winning the internal argument is fabulous but even better is to remember that prevention is always better than cure. So if you know you are going somewhere with food, but unlikely to have vegan choices, eat before you go. Temptation is easier to beat if you aren’t hungry to begin with.

The second was such a subconscious temptation that it almost got me, my hand was in the bowl and if I hadn’t just been talking about veganism to a friend I may not have realised what I was doing until it was too late. This temptation was a bowl of crisps on a bar. They may well have been suitable for vegans but my golden rule comes from Al Pacino in Ronin, “If there is doubt, there is no doubt!” This temptation is not so much a hunger temptation, it is a habit temptation so to overcome it you need to think, “What did I used to do in this situation?” And then, don’t.

Now that we are into the party season these 2 temptations will probably affect all of us over the next few weeks. Don’t panic, just always do the best you can. Have a brilliant vegan Christmas and a wonderful cruelty free New Year.



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