Action for our Planet (AFOP)

I set up Action for our Planet (AFOP) in 2009 in response to the overwhelming about of exploitation in our world. There are countless issues in our world today including animal cruelty, corruption, human exploitation and climate change. These issues occur because of a greedy desire for maximum profit. Animals are kept on factory farms and treated as mere products so farmers can make as much money as physically possible. Consequently, there is a great disregard for the welfare of animals in many industries and this leads to untold suffering.

My site provides information on the meat industry, poultry farming, exotic skins, fur and many other animal exploiting industries. The sheer amount of cruelty involved in these industries is beyond belief, billions of animals die per year to feed the mouths of hungry consumers whilst millions of products are made with leather, fur and exotic skins. People are often unknowing as to how animals are raised and bred  for meat and skins. Even I was unaware of how snakes, lizards and alligators were killed for exotic skins until I researched it.

Action for our Planet offers tips and information on how every individual can improve themselves and the world around them. Whether this be going vegan, shopping more ethically, volunteering for charity or improving ones own carbon footprint, simple steps can often be the most effective ways to take action. One of the main policies of my site, is to try an stay relatively neutral so that all visitors to the site whether meat eater, vegetarian or vegan can draw their own conclusions. I believe giving others the freedom to think for themselves is the most effective and democratic way to encourage change.

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