I'm not normal

30 December 2010

This is a warning…..  this piece of writing is more of a rant than a blog.  If you don’t want to read my rant, and I don’t mind if you don’t, then click away now.

Every once in awhile I get fed up with the pity glances when you tell people you are vegan.  Especially when the non vegan or evil ones are tucking into an animal product and eyeing you with pity.  For some reason these people thing vegans are missing out.

When non vegans accidently offer animal products to eat, then realise they hurriedly withdraw it and say things like “oh you can’t have that”.  YAWN. Actually I can have it.  I can eat anything I want to.  BUT I choose not to eat it.  I choose not to eat it for environmental reasons, my health and animal welfare.

Those three things are very important to me.  Far more important that the taste of cheese, cream,  meat or any other animal product. What is so difficult to understand here?  I don’t deny that I am greatly assisted by the fact that I became a veggie at 16 years old, that I don’t really like eggs and dairy has an unfortunate affect on my sinuses (too much information?!).

My rant above is part and parcel of being vegan or not normal as some (odd) people see it.  What I have started to notice recently is bugging me a lot and the point of this here rant.  Yes there is more…….

It is a reasonably well known fact that I am partial to the odd starbucks coffee every now and then.  My tipple of choice is a decaff soya latte (in case you want to buy me one :-P).  Occasionally I buy a coffee for another and I have noticed that no matter what the drink of the other person it is always referred to as the normal one.  This has happened when buying dairy coffee and soya milk coffee.

Well I have got news……  I am normal, (whatever that means).

Rant over, thanks for listening.

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4 thoughts on “I'm not normal”

  • I hear ya. I have to say I’m not normal…. but the veganism is nothing to do with that 😉

    At the moment I’m 29 weeks pregnant, which has more of an effect on my diet (Seriously, is everything we usually eat poisonous to the unborn?) yet still I have people more interested in what I ‘can’t’ eat due to my veganism. Interestingly, I’ve had no problems with my Midwife or GP re the vegan thing… because all the tests show I’m perfectly healthy. However, there are a number of omnis (interestingly, lots of junk food addicts) who think I’m causing my unborn child harm through my radical diet. My own mother is concerned that the authorities will take my child away because of my ‘extreme’ diet. (PS. It’s not a diet, it’s the manifestation of a philosophy… hence the avoidance of all forms of animal use, if you are going to be judgey, at least be accurate 😉 )

    The odd thing was, when I was vegetarian, I didn’t get half the **** I do now. The difference, I don’t eat eggs, milk or honey. That’s three blooming items of ‘food’ yet somehow people think that being vegan is crazy restrictive. The only reason why it’s a PITA is because the society I live in seems to think it’s a great idea to randomly include these items is foods which don’t need them. (ohh, that dark chocolate needs a spot of milk powder in it, and that bread would taste so much better if we brushed egg over it. Oh, and you know what that dish of carrots needs, that’s right, glazing with honey… it was looking frightfully healthy)

    Basically, yes, you can define normal by what what the majority of people do, but that doesn’t mean that everything else is wrong.

    Some people don’t use animals. Get over it.

  • I can imagine how people are even more critical of diets when people are pregnant. I just wish we had tonnes more evidence to shut them up with!
    I’m not vegan (yet!) but I have taken to boasting about my good iron levels to stop the ‘you must need more iron, surely’. Its wonderful what a battery of blood tests can do.

    I agree about all of the milk and egg products thrown into very random products. Its great having email… now its a lot easier and cheaper to make some noise about it!

    • I had a perfectly healthy vegan pregnancy, i have to admit the stigma did make me request blood tests at every possible opportunity to make sure all my vitamin etc levels were all okay but I never had any problems. In fact initially my iron levels were above normal. 😉

  • I have been vegan for over thirty years and have had three very healthy pregnancies during that time and brought up three (now grown up) children as vegans, like Mitsu my iron levels were also found to be above average and it was my experience every time that both GP’s and the (dreaded) health visitors knew far less about nutrition than me.

    As for being ‘normal’, well, I hate the word anyway, what on earth is ‘normal’ anyway but the thing that really gets me is those people who say I ‘indoctinated’ my children into being ‘vegan’ as I gave them no choice, I mean don’t they ‘indoctrinate’ their children into eating meat? What is the difference? Every parent feeds their child what they think is best for them after all. The thing that gets me most is those people who are vegetarian (rarely vegan) who still give their children meat as they feel it ‘important’ that they have a ‘choice’?? What the hell is that all about? Surely they are giving them no choice in giving them meat? They can ‘choose’ to eat it when they are older, if they wish, so why force it on them when they are too young to make a choice?

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