She said He said by Scott & Susan of Go Max Go Foods

Grab a candy bar and read on…

Question: If you could convince one person to become vegan, who would it be and why?

Answer – Susan:  Al Gore. Ex Vice President of the U.S., Nobel Peace Prize Winner (insert eye roll here), and financial recipient of proposed “carbon credits” (a plan to tax the air we breathe…these tax dollars will neatly line his pockets).  I picked him because his very large following would embrace veganism should he choose the lifestyle for himself. He is lauded for promoting the “green” movement though he’s a fraud.  Chilean Sea Bass (an endangered species) was the main course at his daughters engagement party.  He does not personally engage himself in  the protection of the inhabitants of our planet. He eats meat.  Enough said. My guess is clogged arteries will take him out.

Answer – Scott:   It’s tough to pick just one.  There are a lot of good choices.   But, I’m going to have to go with The Pope.   With the influence he has, I think his becoming vegan would result in thousands of other people from different cultures all across Earth becoming vegan.  And that would bring awareness to thousands more.  And it would hopefully enlighten as many to what God is really all about – love, kindness, acceptance, understanding – and not what God is made out to be by so many religions – petty, judgmental, cruel, vengeful.  It’s time for spiritual leaders to extend compassion and respect for all sentient beings.

Susan’s response: I like Scott’s ethereal take, however celebrity tends to sway public opinion in today’s world.  Sad but true.

Scott’s retort:  The Pope is a celebrity of sorts.  He certainly has notoriety and fans and detractors like celebrities.

Susan again: Point taken!

Question:  Why candy bars?

Answer – Susan: Why not?  Veganism is often viewed as way too serious…not so. Although the issue of animal rights is somber, a vegan diet/lifestyle is much more interesting than any alternative. While a carni is stuck in the “dead zone” (pun intended) vegans are constantly exploring new frontiers from clothing, to politics, to food.

I dig a chocolate frenzy, french fries, vegan pizza, an awesome martini, reuben sammies,
vegan  donuts …..Go Max Go  had to happen to make my taste buds
say “oh yeah” this is a candy bar! I eat one a day to keep my spirits high.

Answer – Scott:  I love baked goods.  Muffins. Donuts. Pies. Cakes. Cookies. All of it.  Scones. And I can generally satisfy my cravings pretty easily.  I can either buy pre-made vegan goodies or make them myself without too much hassle.  But if I felt like having a candy bar – a real straight-up, old school candy bar – well, that wasn’t possible.  And since we got tired of waiting for someone else to do it, we decided to do it ourselves.  That’s Go Max Go.  Our dog Max was all about taking action, being in the now, and motoring through.  I think he’d be very proud of us.

Susan:  Agreed.

Question – Why vegan?

Answer – Susan:  It’s so sane!  I don’t want to sound righteous, but to live a vegan lifestyle, is to choose grace over cruelty.  Sure I get angry, I act stupidly at times, and I’m far from perfect, but everyday my choice to refrain from participating in the “pain game” let’s me know that I’m moving in the right direction.  I don’t know that there are any perfected human beings on this planet and I have no agenda to reach that state, but anyone who is vegan is living consciously, really awake and empathetic, and I do believe this is how we make the most of our time here.

Answer – Scott:   Kindness. Compassion. Peace. I, like most people, blocked out the process of how meat got to the table.  But, thanks to my friend Alex, about 16 years ago I started really thinking about what was involved and what my part was in the process.  I soon realized I couldn’t kill an animal myself, so why should I have someone else (slaughterhouse) do it for me?

I really don’t see why people think it’s so hard to be vegan.  I may be in the minority, but ever since I stopped eating cows, pigs, chickens, fish, etc.  I never looked back.  I’ve never felt like I’m missing out.  Knowing what I know, I couldn’t enjoy eating a meat-burger or dairy-cheese or draping an animal hide over my body.  Revealed truth remains in view.  In the end, going vegan didn’t limit my world, rather vastly expanded it – and continues to do so.

In Summary:

Susan and Scott:  We want to send a shout out and big love to all the fabulous companies who are creating all these wonderful new vegan products, and to the kind souls who are bringing them all to the marketplace.  Most of all we want to thank all the consumers and bloggers who
have shown some love to Go Max Go.  We deeply appreciate your support. We salute you!  Viva la Vegan!!

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