Tasty treats

5 January 2011

How much food can one vegan eat?  You might be surprised…….  Or not!

Tea and triple chocolate cookie

If you follow my blog you might recall that I have not been very good friends with vegan cheese.  I never really enjoyed the flavour or after taste that much.  In truth it just wasn’t the cheese I once knew.  However these things can change and over the festive period cheezly and I became much better acquainted.

If used in small amounts in various dinners it adds another flavour and texture which can really add to a meal and not work against it! I LOVED it in a vegan cheese BLT.  I melted the cheese on top of the bacon while it was cooking.  OMG is was good.

Then a little added on top of a burrito and melted in the oven was pretty darn good too.

Cheezly burrito

In December I was treated to some Dr Cow tree nut trees by Santa Mitsu which I enjoyed with raw spirulina & kale crackers – they ran out before the cheese so I had to make do with other crackers after that!

Dr Cow tree nut cheese & salad

The new year has been all about green smoothies – these are soooooooo good for you.  I first heard of these via Victoria Boutenko (the raw family) and her book Green for life.  It is a really good read.  I recommend it.  My usual green smoothie includes; celery, cucumber, spinach & pear.  You can liquidise anything green and add a little fruit to sweeten.  Blueberries work well in it but turn the colour to pond water!

New Year green smoothie resolution

Over the Christmas period I enjoyed a few treats.  My favourite was goey chocolate brownie served with custard and berry coulis. YUM!

Desert heaven

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1 thought on “Tasty treats”

  • Nom, that chocolate brownie looks awesome.

    I’m not a huge fan of the vegan cheese you can get in the UK but I’m quite partial to the Bute Island cheddar and chives, or smoked cheddar on corn cakes with chutney, or on top of steamed veg, but they aren’t very easy to get hold of in the NE of England.
    Daiya on the other hand is amazing – I so wish that they would start selling it in the UK.

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