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Martin Keane is Movement Builder with Edinburgh based animal protection charity, OneKind. He is a regular speaker/guest blogger on his experiences of harnessing digital and social media tools to create an empowered, compassionate animal-friendly community. You can find him tweeting as @keanearrow and @onekindtweet

When Sasha asked if I should like to contribute to To Happy Vegans I was thrilled –  I am a fan of the blog. I knew the exact subject matter my first blog should take, it simply had to focus on OneKind’s bid to end snaring in Scotland.

This campaign is reaching a crucial stage and we’ve made so much progress, but we must see it through to the end. There are many people who just do not realise the extent to which snaring still exists, many believe that something so barbaric and cruel must have gone out with the dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, snaring is very much alive and kicking. Domestic pets and wildlife alike are regularly caught in snare traps, causing serious injury and often death. The Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill has been debated numerous times in the Scottish Parliament, with new restrictions being proposed for snaring.

Our ultimate goal is to push for a complete end to snaring and we’ve already been promised a review after five years whatever the result. This is a positive step for OneKind and all our supporters, who have campaigned tirelessly to help bring an end to snaring in Scotland.

We are proud of our supporters for becoming part of a compassionate movement, which can come together to create a mainstream understanding that animals are not that different to us. They are sentient beings and they feel emotion.

It is our belief that by engaging with our fantastic and dedicated supporter base we can build a movement within the mainstream. If we think back, causes like Fairtrade were not mainstream and yet most major brands are now realising that they must pay attention to what people want to see in this area.

Our desire to create an empowered animal-friendly movement of compassionate individuals is no different, it can become every bit as widespread as Fairtrade.

We recently commissioned and released the short film, Snares Uncovered: Killers in the Countryside with Bill Oddie. The film demonstrates the stark reality of snares, as Bill takes a walk around a country estate and uncovers vast quantities of snares and several stink pits. Bill is in utter disbelief at the truly awful nature of snares, issuing a rallying call to our supporters to get behind the OneKind campaign to end snaring.

Snares display a desperate lack of humanity. We are apparently civilised us humans  – so it’s about time we proved it. Snares is an issue which must surely unite all people in condemnation, no matter what your lifestyle choice is.

Vegans, vegetarians and those who eat meat are united in recognising an end to snaring is the only desirable outcome. Are you united with us? I implore anybody reading this, who loves animals to show that they hate snares by introducing their friends to our campaign. If you live in Scotland, please take a moment to email your MSPs with our easy to use application. If you live outside Scotland, you can send our animail to raise awareness. We cannot deliver any of our exciting campaigns or projects without help from likeminded supports, please give what you can to start making a difference to animals today. Together, we can create OneKind World.

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