Good food but maybe too much for one day?!!

27 January 2011

For awhile now I have wanted to get my dad to come for a meal at SAF restaurant with me.  Taking a non vegan to SAF is something special, such a treat for them.  My dad is quite open minded with regard to food so I knew he would come along and try it when I invited him but that wouldn’t be enough for me I wanted him to enjoy his lunch as well.

Last time I took a couple of non vegan friends to Pure food and wine in NYC (the meal, esp. starter & desert, was awesome) they said that the meal was an “experience”.  GASP.  An experience?  This is gourmet raw food that has taken the chef months to design and days to create.  An experience?  I wanted better feedback this time!

SAF restaurant is the UK’s only gourmet raw vegan restaurant there are two restaurants one in Shoreditch and the other in Kensington.  Yesterday we headed to Shoreditch for glorious food and best of all lots of raw dishes were eaten by all parties. 🙂

Unfortunately I don’t have photo’s of the starter.  Here’s my explanation why…..  The starters arrived, we all got excited and before I realised what had happened there were 4 clean plates but what a good sign.  We had sweet potato dumplings, raw cheese, marinated mushrooms and dolmades.

Mains were as follows, tofu green curry, chickpea pancake with mushrooms & SAF bowl.

Deserts were all raw, lemon cheese cake, white chocolate and jasmine and chocolate ganache torte.  TASTY!

And coffee liqueur….

Unbelievably there was a free bloggers evening at Hummus Bros last night too.  Free food.  But I am full.  What shall I do?  Oh go on then I don’t want to miss out……  Mits and I headed to Holborn Hummus Bros for dinner

The event was really to get folks in to try and assortment of dishes from their menu.  The guys who run hummus brothers are LOVELY.  They really care about their product and are interested in your feedback.  They also try to be a environmentally friendly as they can which can be tough when running a business.

So we were allowed to try whatever mains, extras and drinks that we wanted.  Why oh why had I gone out for lunch on the same day?! You will be pleased to hear that I did my best to eat what I could. 🙂

I tried a small bowl with half fava beans & guaccomole – this was a good combination.  Mits had half chickpea and salad.  There are gluten free (bread) options, either tortilla chips or gluten free bread.  We had tabbouleh & aubergine on the side.

I had the hot apple splice to drink (nice) and Mits had the tradition lemonade.

Both are good places to eat but maybe not in same day (again!).

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2 thoughts on “Good food but maybe too much for one day?!!”

  • Thanks for reviewing Hummus Bros, I hadn’t even heard of them until I read this blog. Went there today – so so so delicious! And, they gave us a dessert on the house. Sadly it wasn’t vegan, but it was a lovely gesture 🙂

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