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8 February 2011

I am not really one for campaigning.  The occasional rant yes I admit that I can be partial to it but not really campaigning as such.  I am more of a baker than a fighter.  I like to feed people into submission.

However in the last week I have heard about several things that have maddened me…..  All of these have come to my attention via 38degrees.

1.  The UK govt are considering selling our forests of to private companies.  The potential impact of this is fenced off national parks which we have to pay to use or worse they will be destroyed if not protected.  We can do something to stop it.  Write to your MP & sign the 38 degree petition.  We must save UK forests for future generations.

The govt are consider selling off our forests because they cost upward of £50 million to run and they are trying to cut costs.

2. The UK govt are planning to change the way the NHS runs.  They want to pass a bill to empower local GP’s to control a budget and make all decisions regarding local cuts & outsourcing.  The bill has not yet been passed BUT local GP committee members have been self nominated.  How can that happen if the bill hasn’t passed, aren’t we a democracy?  Do you know who your appointed GP even is?

If this dismantling of the NHS occurs it seems unlikely that we would be able to rebuild again to the current system.  It seems likely that after cut backs and outsourcing occurs that areas will offer different services.  Surely the very heart of the UK NHS system is that there is the save service everywhere for everyone.  Did you know about this?  Want to do something?  Contact 38 degrees and find a campaign event near you.

Why is this even happening?  Because the govt have substantial debt and need to make cut backs.

3. UK Tax Avoidance – Whilst the UK govt has to make cut backs due to the substantial debt a lot of UK companies now have offshore head offices. That means that we spend our hard earned cash with these companies and they take the lot and avoid paying millions of pounds tax to our govt.

Companies such as Boots, Topshop, BHS, Miss Selfridge, Burton, Evans, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins & Vodaphone do this.  They should all have head offices in the UK, pay tax and maybe the UK govt wont need to sell our forest or dismantle the NHS!

Boycott all these companies now.  Vote with your feet.  Let them know how you feel.

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2 thoughts on “38 degrees”

  • What the goverment seem to have forgotten is that the forests belong to all of us they are not the goverments to sell , what next will they want to sell the crown jewels , we should keep an eye on that they might sell them and put replicas in there place . I understand that the goverment needs to make saving but they do seem to be carring out a slash and burn policy and some of the areas they are making cuts seem criminal .
    Love the blog by the way

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