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13 February 2011

Not so long ago I attended a one day (vegan) fine dining course with Cordon Vert in London.  It was really good!  I enjoyed myself so much.  I learned to make vegan pasta….. gasp.  Shortly after I put a shout out on twitter and email looking for guinea pigs. Fortunately some kind people came forward and they all came over for lunch yesterday. 🙂

And someone bought me flowers. Lovely.

At the course we prepared the pasta with stuffed aubergine, some sauces, a salad and a vodka ice cream.  What I didn’t realize on the day was that we didn’t cook the food.  We shuffled of to the dining room and our food was cooked & served to us.  Believe me I didn’t mind on the day, I was soooooo tired!  However when it came to reproducing the meal I needed to have a dry run……  which went well.  Thank god.  I took what I learned on the course and twisted it into something I liked a bit more.

Preping for a fine dining meal takes a little bit of time but that time flew and I loved it! 🙂 (see another smiley!)

So time to get started.  First things first, the pasta…

The menu was as follows:

Starter – home made roast vegetable soup with home made bread

Main – fresh vegan ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, cashew cheese & sun dried tomatoes

Desert – Banana ice cream saturday

Thanks to the LOVELY vegans who came along and ate my food.  Anymore guinea pigs out there to try my food?  If there is enough demand this could result in an underground (shhhhhh) vegan cafe  in Greenwich.  I might even have a name for it already 🙂

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