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20 February 2011

The truth is that I don’t always think things through.  Let me give you an example.  I recently bought an excalibur dehydrator which I ordered from the US without taking into consideration UK import tax and delivery delays!  It all turn out ok and I have it now but if I had thought it through…..

Today the Vegetarian Society hosted a meet the manufacturers day at the window conference center.  Sasha, there is a big clue here with what to expect……. VEGETARIAN not VEGAN.

There were two floors of stalls and then one other floor where the workshops took place.  Amongst the manufacturers were Redwoods, Wholefoods, Goodlife Foods, Stoats, Goody Good Stuff, Rude Health and Liberation Foods.

I have a confession.  I am more than a little spoiled.  For the last two years I have attended numerous vegan festivals around the country and visited New York and Portland.  At all of these place I have been spoiled with lots of vegan choices and always impressed with new, innovative (vegan) ideas.  I expected more vegan goodies at today’s event.  There weren’t that many.

I announced my vegan status as I approached each stall and got pointed to one thing I might be able to taste.  Except for the usual suspects (of course) – Redwood, Goody Good Stuff & Munchy Seeds.  Oh btw The Goody Good Stuff will be bringing out a vegan marshmallow later this year.  SOOOOOO EXCITING!

There was not the usual new & innovative creations that you frequently find at vegan festivals and I even heard the Cordon Vert chef telling people not to over cook broccoli else it looses its flavor.  Really?! Why cook it at all?

Is the vegetarian community so far behind the vegan one?  I definitely think so.

I only stayed for the Redwood workshop where I got to taste new, yet to be on the market, products including mushroom pate,  ‘tuna’, ‘duck’ and a ‘bacon & cheese’  burger.  Followed by black cherry desert (pea protein based).  Thumbs up from me for the mushroom pate (although not very mushroomy), ‘duck’ & ‘bacon & cheese’ burger.  These products will all be out in the shops soon so you can try them for yourself!

I bought some ‘tuna’ for Mitsu so stay tunned for her creations!

After departing the window I briefly popped into Planet Organic and then found a chocolatier that had at least 8 vegan chocolates.  I chose rose, truffle, red wine and marmite (!!!).  These chocolates from Paul a Young cost me £6.90. Gasp.  I found this out at the till! These are fine chocolates & are made onsite.

red wine

I like the truffle, the red wine, then the rose and lastly the marmite on which didn’t actually get eaten by either of us.  Mits liked the red wine best, then the truffle and then the rose.

I met Mits for lunch.  We headed to Pilpel falafel & hummus bar at Spittlefield.  It was my first time and it was GOOOOOOOOOOD!

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