Dehydrating not cooking (well maybe some)

25 February 2011

Grey is the new black and dehydrating is the new (non) cooking.  One Sunday not so long ago after reading another great edition of Get Fresh magazine I decided that it was time to get me a dehydrator.  

For nearly 2 years I have been reading these lovely raw recipes.  I drool over the pages and eagerly hurrying my eyes to the bottom to see the (non) cooking instructions but I am often disappointed to get to the word dehydrate and stop reading.  I am not against dehydrating.  I just didn’t have one.

What recipe pushed me over the edge?  Kale chips.  Those little beauties are everywhere right now and I just wanted to try some…. Yes I suppose that I could have got the tube up to Camden and visited inspiral lounge but the truth of the matter is that I have wanted a dehydrator for awhile and this just gave me the reason I needed.

The dehydrator exposes food to low temperatures for long periods of time to remove the moisture from the food.  The food is exposed to air current which does not go about 140 degrees F else the food would be cooked.  Dehydration is used to preserve food which can later be rehydrated or to create raw foods such as fruit bars, vegetable chips and crackers.  It can be used for other non vegan things but these (obviously) don’t interest me!

In the brief time I have had the dehydrator I have made 3 flavors of kale chips, salt & vinegar, cheesy and tahini.

Marinated kale
Dehydrated kale ready for eating

My fruit strips didn’t really pan out…..  but I will be trying again!

On the cooking front.  I had some mexican food.  Home made (off the cuff), its amazing what you can pull together with chilli, onion, tomato and tortilla chips (baked wraps).

And I made cake of course……  Strawberry shortbread cupcake anyone?

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