3 weeks to go to VegfestUK

26 February 2011

Do you know whats happening in 3 weeks today…….

VegfestUK is happening in Brighton on Saturday March 19th and Its FREE!

Yes that is right FREE.  What’s going on has the world gone mad?  No not yet! The folks at VegfestUK are working extra hard this year to get the vegan word out there and we are helping them do it.

It’s great for everyone to come along to this festival. It is easy to live without animal products and this festival is full of inspiring & innovative ideas to help you do so! Yay!

THV cakes are doing something new for this festival.  Cupcakes, cakes and muffins are so yesterday and we really wanted to bring something different to you in Brighton.  Keep reading to the blogs to find out more.

Today I can tell you that we are having doughnuts on the stall.  These babies sold out sooooooo fast in London so if you want to reserve some let us know via info@tohappyvegans.com

Have a lovely weekend!

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