An update from team VegfestUK

Superbusy with both Brighton and Bristol Vegfests, its been a really good week because we have been nailing all our headliners for Bristol in May, expect an announcement around the 19th March, which is when we are at Brighton, of course. Brighton is looking brilliant, its nearly sold out and there’s lots more media interest this year, and interestingly there are about 15 new vegan companies exhibiting at Brighton this year that didn’t even exist a year ago! That is a real indication of how popular the vegan lifestyle is becoming

I’m also really looking forward to Brighton on a personal level – there’s stacks of brilliant food available, so an superb chance to pig out and stock up for laters. I’m 100% raw currently and in search of raw cake and other raw goodies – should be plenty as there’s quite a few raw firms exhibiting. I’ll be going round sampling, that’s for sure. We’ve also been very busy in the office working on the VegfestUK Awards for 2011 – voting starts on March 14thand you can vote once in March, April and May before the results are announced on May 29th – word has it that To Happy Vegans might be up for an award in the Best Vegan Cakes and Sweets category!

It’s a real pleasure and a privilege to be organising Europe’s biggest veggie events, mainly because of all the super nice people involved in the vegan circles, and if you are thinking of coming to either events (march 19th Brighton, May 27 – 29 Bristol), then you are very welcome and remember admission is free for Brighton, and free during the day for Bristol, and it really is the best opportunity there is to sample the widest range of vegan produce anywhere on the planet

Xxxtim VegfestUK

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