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1st March 2011

This weekend is the start of Vegan Pledge month and what better place to find some Pledglings then the people I work with everyday.  And the perfect Pledgling? Well you can’t find a better candidate than someone who nonchalantly states ‘yeah I’ll give it a go’ and then reminds YOU when it is! Plus, the official Pledge month starts on Saturday, but she has been vegan since yesterday – don’t you love her already?!

Obviously stocking up the larder was required so we headed down to Waitrose to see what we could find, that’s right not a specialist food shop, a regular old supermarket. A good sign that vegan requirements are being acknowledged was Taifun weiners on the shelf. Other vegan friendly brands which have infiltrated here and the other big supermarkets are Swedish Glace, NakdLife Free From, Organica, Clearspring and Amy’s. Of course we all know they will also have vegan margarine, yogurt and milk as staples so really the first vegan shopping trip was a breeze.

Another supermarket which had previously disappointed me with their ‘milky’ houmous wraps is M&S. I was around Liverpool St on Sunday and generally there isn’t much open in the City which can make it hard to find food, but I knew they do salads and a vegan samosa so I decided to take a look round.

Gone is the non vegan wrap, replaced by a butternut squash version and their range of vegan salads have also increased since my last sandwich mission, the majority of which contain the words ‘super’, ‘houmous’ and/or ‘falafel’. I even found a soup! A ‘super’ green soup no less. Subliminally everyone will be walking around thinking how ‘super’ vegans are. 🙂

M&S have a list of vegan items available on their website, but I would recommend reading the labels instore as some of the items looked a bit dubious to me e.g. organic mince meat…really??

I’ve had the samosa before it is usually the one fail safe option at motorway stations. It’s a little bit greasy but the filling is good – peas, spinach, potato and spices. The soup was ok, not overly flavourful or thin and had bits of spring cabbage and edamame beans (M&S are LOVING edamame beans they are in everything!) in it so it felt healthy. However DON’T take the free mini sub rolls that come with it, they contain egg and milk.

I have to mention poor old Percy who makes me grimace every time I see his little face – the pig shaped sweet that contains actual pork. Oh the irony.


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2 thoughts on “Super Vegan”

  • Those Percy Pigs always make me sad too but I’m excited they’ve finally got a vegan wrap & butternut squash – yum! I think the organic mince meat is the kind for your Christmas mince pies but I still check the ingredients as a couple of things on there have contained whey or lactose in the past.

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