Local petition against NHS reforms in Greenwich REFUSED by local GP

Saturday 12 March 2011

Dr. Rob Hughes,

Corporate Managing Director,

Greenwich Primary Care Collaborative (GPCC),

Ferryview Health Centre,

25, John Wilson Street,


SE18 6PZ

Dear Dr. Hughes,

I am one of the 1,100 or so signatories to the local petition addressed to Greenwich GPs which organisers tried yesterday to present to you.  I helped organise it.  The petition is significant for the wide range of ages and occupations of those who signed it, and for the ease and speed with which it was collected by a few volunteers from the “Keep our NHS Public” and “38 Degrees” groups in Greenwich shopping locations over a two week period.

NHS Greenwich’s 2011 website states “we are keen to involve local people in the planning and delivery of health services” and the Department of Health states the principle of the Coalition’s proposals is “No decision about me without me” (10 July 2010).

Why do you refuse the petition, why can’t local people meet you and what means of address would you find acceptable?

Yours sincerely,

Roger Gartland.   “38 Degrees NHS Greenwich Group”.

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