THV patisserie at VegfestUK in Brighton

15 March 2011

Once in a while we at THV cakes like to shake it up and do something different.  We like to take our baking and creation to the next level. Every festival is basically a chance for us to try something new!  So at Brighton THV cakes are having a vegan patisserie stall for you!

Mille feuille

Whilst living in Lyon in France I developed a deep seated love for the French patisserie.  It sits in the heart of the community providing bread, cakes and a sit down for anyone who needs a coffee.  Frequently on the way back from the French university I attended I would get off the bus a stop early and pop into the patisserie to buy a baguette and mille feuille.

As a non vegan I never had to think about making a mille feuille, even in the UK.  As a vegan I would look at them in the shop window and remember……  Now I can make and eat them at leisure!

Then a couple of things changed. Firstly after a lot ( and I mean a lot) of trail and error I can now make my own puff pastry.  Yes I could buy it from the shop but I like to bake from scratch.  EVERYTHING.  Especially because we bake for you at our stalls.  There is no cheating at this bake house.  Also it is the one way we can ensure our high quality ingredients is maintained.  Secondly we wanted to bring some new and interesting treats to you.

What else?  Well how about some chocolate eclairs?


And of course DOUGHNUTS!

Jam Doughnuts
Glazed Doughnuts

If I get time there also might be some creme eggs for Easter…..

Everything we make & bake is ALWAYS vegan (of course!), organic & fair trade (when possible).

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