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If you have a mission to be good to the world around you; that net must be cast wider than solely considering the food that you eat and the clothes that you wear. You also need to think about your actions, specifically the ways that you dispose of unwanted items that can also dictate whether you unwittingly cause damage. Have you ever thought of the implications caused by scrapping your car? After all, two million vehicles are taken off the road per year; so potentially a lot of damage to the environment exists if the disposal of these is not carried out correctly. 

Sure enough, you can scrap your car without causing damage. If you manage to locate an Authorised Treatment Facility, a scrap yard which will scrap your car lawfully and ethically and issue you with a Certificate of Destruction, all the dangerous materials will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. However, how do you know that your chosen destination will dispose of it lawfully?

Illegal scrapping is a large problem in the UK. Of the two million vehicles are taken off the road every year, only half of those are issued with a valid Certificate of Destruction, proving that they have been destroyed legally and safely. The others are stripped of valuable parts and left to rot; leaching dangerous materials such as oil and brake fluid into the earth. One litre of waste oil can contaminate one million litres of water.

There is an alternative that can ensure the safe disposal of your car as well as providing help in other forms; donating your car. Giveacar provides an innovative social enterprise where you can donate your unwanted vehicle. The vehicle is collected by a subcontracted company, and either scrapped or sold at auction, depending on the age and condition.

If it is scrapped, it is sent to a network of ATFs where at least 85% of it by bodyweight will be recycled. The proceeds of this are donated to the charity of the owner’s choice, after the subtraction of a small administration fee. This not only helps to combat the problem of illegal scrapping; it also helps to take older, more heavily polluting cars off the road to be replaced with more efficient and environmentally friendly models.

Giveacar has made over £250,000 for charity since January 2010, and currently works with over 300 charities, including environmental ones such as Keep Britain Tidy and The Grasslands Trust.

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