THV Cake fest 5

28 March 2011

A little over a year ago, after sitting in a room of non vegan cakes that we couldn’t eat, Mits and I got our little heads together and created the first THV cake fest.

Why you may well ask?  Well we both like to bake, we both like to eat and we both like to chat.  And so that is the 3 key components of any THV cake fest. Although having said that it is not compulsory to bake, we have a charity pot for any non bakers who want to donate money. 🙂

Our cake fests are not restricted to vegans.  Why should non vegans miss out on GOOD cake?  It might be the first step of converting them.  Tee hee hee

So come along to the next one this Wednesday, 30th March at hummus bros, Holborn.  Downstairs from 6-8pm.  You will see us as soon as you walk in – we will be the ones with the delicious sweet vegan treats!

Special guests include ms cupcake in person and accidentally vegan cakes. 🙂

Sasha & Mitsu


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