Summer Lovin' Shoes

21st April 2011

Now that the weather is getting warmer again (yes yes I know with intermittant cold days) it’s time to think about putting those warm winter boots and snuggly socks away. It’s time to get those tootsies free!

I have probably had my eyes on Toms Shoes for a year or two and my current lack of summer shoes finally gave me the excuse I had been waiting for to make the investment.

The premise is simple: for every pair of shoes that are bought, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child who is growing up barefoot which will protect their feet from injury and infection. Shoes for me AND shoes for a needy child, well that’s a win, win if you ask me!

So I know they aren’t the most pretty of shoes, and they kinda feel like I have bandages on my feet, but they are very comfortable (I am yet to do a long haul walk in them, since they will stretch I think they are going to be mooch worthy once broken in :)). I also think they do look much better on, no they do!!

TOMS has a limited vegan range which are made from sustainable materials such as recycled rubber and pesticide-free cotton. As far as I can tell the main difference between the orginal TOMS and the vegan version is the inner sole which is made from suede on the original.

The inner sole is canvas on the vegan TOMS, also digging the lining fabric!

I decided to be brave and go for something a little jazzy and not just black, I am hoping it will go with my summer dresses better. Office are a stockist and had 2 vegan designs available online but none in the store I tried, so I had to buy direct from TOMS online. I purchased the Silver Morocco Classic which were £47 including delivery.

My only gripe? None of the kids range Tiny TOMS is vegan. So for the Little Man a shoe (I hasten to add) I would never consider wearing myself:

Crocs, yes another aesthetically dubious looking pair of shoes, however I think on kiddies they are super cute. They are also pratical as his nursey has requested the children only wear sandals that cover the toes to prevent accidents and of course they are 100% vegan.

Now we are just waiting for another warm sunny day to wear them out, bring on the Easter weekend!

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1 thought on “Summer Lovin' Shoes”

  • I love my vegan Toms – they are like wearing slippers! I’m so pleased it’s possible to get them in the UK now – I bought mine last year in the States as only the non-vegan ones were available at the time.

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